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ÜLKA X2S Soft Portable Manicure and Pedicure Dust Collector

ÜLKA X2S Soft Portable Manicure and Pedicure Dust Collector

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Compatible Bag: Reusable bag

Ergonomic model 2 in 1: hood comes with a built-in arm pillow. It allows Nail Technicians to keep their workplace clean without any extra effort. Suitable for professional use with volume of traffic up to 4-5 clients per day.

SOFT dust collector is an excellent choice for professionals who prioritize quality, comfort, and power.

  • The dust collector can filter up to 344 cubic meters of air per hour. Despite it's compactness, it effectively intakes dust from a height of 15 cm.
  • Consuming only 40 watts of energy, you'll get a powerful dust collector and lower electricity bills.
  • This is a 2-in-1 dust collector, featuring a soft cushion that eliminates the need for an additional hand support, fulfilling two needs with just one dust collector.

Soft and comfortable for your clients, but powerful and ruthless to nail dust. 

SOFT - sounds cool, fancy, aesthetic, but everything is much simpler. This baby has a comfortable cushion on which your tired clients can take a nap during manicure appointment.

What's included in the ÜLKA package:

  • Portable ÜLKA X2S Soft Dust Collector (110V) with US/CA plug. 
  • 2 reusable dust bags
  • reusable face mask
  • Dust Bag is easy to remove, clean, wash and air dry
  • You can reuse it several times
  • Replace your dust bag with a New One every 4-5 months, depending on volume of traffic. Always have a spare dust bag just in case. 
  • Airflow (m3/hour): 344
  • Motor rotation (in min.): 3000 RPM
  • Noise level (dB): 34
  • Power (W): 40*
  • Dimensions cm: 25.5×37×15
  • Weight (kg): 1.7
  • Case colour: white

Made in Ukraine
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